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Dunhuang Arts Academy was established in November 2014. It is a diverse learning and performance venue in Melbourne dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese and Western music and culture. Our goal is to foster talent, preserve nature, promote culture, and strive for excellence in music. We offer a wide range of music courses and training programs for students and music enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to VCE/IB standards, with a systematic and comprehensive educational approach. Our music courses cover various Chinese and Western instruments, including the guzheng, erhu, flute, pipa, piano, violin, and clarinet. In addition to instrument teaching and sales, the center also provides high-quality instruction in dance, traditional painting and calligraphy, sports (such as Chinese go, tai chi, martial arts), and language courses. We regularly organize concerts, performances, lectures, and cultural exchange activities, with a commitment to providing a comprehensive platform for the development and enhancement of students' overall artistic cultivation.

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The Central Conservatory of Music is the 1st class advanced conservatory of music in China, which is founded in 1940. The Standard Grade Examination Committee of Central Conservatory of Music is formed since 1993, and the examination locations are located throughout 24 provinces and 40 cities in China. The Overseas Chinese national instruments standard grade examination began in 1989, involving states and regions are USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and etc. The national instrument standard grade examination of Central Conservatory of Music has received approval and support from ministry of education of different countries and areas. On the 18th of June in 2017, ALL BAO BOUYA PTY. LTD was endorsed by The Standard Grade Examination Committee of Central Conservatory of Music’s commission to hold Chinese national instrument standard grade examination in Melbourne, Sydney and other parts of cities in Australia.

Standard grade examination including: Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa, Dizi, Sheng, Snare Drums, Liuqin, Yangqin, Suona and so on, and Chinese national music theory. The first time of Chinese national music standard grade examination in Melbourne and Sydney and part of other cities in Australia will be held in December 2017 and the professors and examiners from The Central Conservatory of Music will join the examination onsite.

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