Bamboo Flute Young Performer

Chinese woodwind instrument senior teacher of Austrlia Dunhuang Arts Academy.


Bamboo flute Bachelor of Music performance, Xi'an Conservatory of Music,learning from the young performer Mr. Gao Chunhua.


In 2009, Siyu Hao begins to learn with the famous flute player, Mr. Hou Changqing, the chief of the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra bamboo flute department.


In 2010, Siyu Hao also follow the foumous performer Mr. Gao Chunhua as a teacher.


In 2011, Siyu Hao was admitted to Xi'an Conservatory of Music.


In 2012, Siyu Hao won the silver award of Shandong Province's "Juxiang Cup".

Member of Shaanxi Bamboo Flute Association.


In 2019, Siyu Hao has graduated from the master of Communication and media study at Monash University.


Siyu Hao is good at teaching bamboo flutes, Xiao,Xun and other woodwind musical instruments, and has rich teaching and performance experience.


During the school, Siyu Hao participated in the reception work of the German Chancellor and other countries officer. She has been invited to perform in a number of cultural exchange programs in government departments.