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Australia &  New Zealand Division

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Overseas Australia-New Zealand Competition Guidelines


  • Song Requirements: Participants must choose one song with a duration of no more than 5 minutes.

  • Designated Instruments: "Dunhuang" brand  musical instruments are specified for use in this event. Guzhengs tuned to D and G will be provided; participants must supply their own instruments for other tunings.

  • Song Changes: If participants wish to change their selected song, they must notify the organizing committee at least two weeks before the event.

  • Judges' Authority: Judges may stop a performance or request a specific section to be played, and such interruptions will not affect the final score.


  • Performers must play from memory, but non-professional participants over 20 years old may use sheet music.

  • Participants must register and confirm their song choice 30 minutes before their performance. Failure to check in on time will be considered a forfeiture of participation.

  • Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and transportation costs.

  • Photography, recording, and filming are not allowed on site without permission.

  • Promotional Use: The organizing committee reserves the right to use participants' images, as well as photos, recordings, and videos taken during the event for promotional purposes. This includes but is not limited to video production, brochure printing, promotional materials, and media broadcasts.

  • Safety Rules: Participants and their companions are advised to purchase personal and property safety insurance. In the event of personal injury or property damage during the performance, the host, organizers, participants, and their companions will each bear the legal responsibility according to law.

  • Agreement: By signing the registration form, participants acknowledge that they have read, fully understood, and agreed to all contents of these guidelines and commit to adhere to them.

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