Guzheng/Konghou Performer

Started to learn piano from 4 years old, studies with famous young pianist Qi Huan.

Started to learn Guzheng from 12 years old, studies with the student of famous Guzheng performer and educator Professor Sun Wenyan and get instruction by famous Guzheng performer and educator Professor Zhou Wang.

In 2012, She Won the first prize of Guzheng in Hong Kong International Music Award.


In 2018, She won the first prize in the 4th Melbourne International Youth Music Competition.


In 2017, Started to learn Konghou, studies with famous young Konghou performer Wu Lin.


Member of Konghou Specialty Committee of China National Orchestra Society.

Accompanied to famous Huqin master George Gao in the Dazzling Strings International Hu Qin Concert and won high evaluation.